I have joined the local gardening listserv and already it has proved to be a wise investment of time. Earlier this week I went to my new friend Blair’s house and dug six buckets full of some unidentified aster, three buckets of mint (spearmint and chocolate, for containers, of course), some purple bearded iris and about ten gallons’ worth of some unidentified blue-flowering bulb. I love surprises.

I planted about half the asters and half of the blue bulbs, plus all of the mint and iris today, as well as three-ish Dahlia ‘Mystery Day.’ I love dahlias but have not bothered with them until now because I didn’t care to lift the tubers and store them for the winter. We’ll see what happens this fall; it depends on how well I like the blooms. I spent the winter eating cases of clementines and now have loads of the little wooden crates they come in, which are perfect for overwintering things. Stay tuned.

Also, I was delighted to learn this week that in fact I did NOT kill my Trillium luteum after all! They emerged on Sunday, looking exhausted already, and they’re perhaps four inches across. That’s the whole plant, not just one leaf. I have seen photographs of Trillium luteum standing more than a foot tall and wide, looking absolutely glorious. I have been told by numerous sources this is the easiest trillium to grow. I also learned this week that they will get larger over time. I shall be dancing at my children’s weddings before my trillium get to be that size, I feel certain.

In the not-freebie department, last week I also planted some variegated Polemonium (the tag’s still outside), a Bellis perennis, and something else I couldn’t resist. Photos to come.


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