Jim Massey’s daylily farm

I had been intending for some years to make my way to Jim Massey’s farm, Holly Hill Daylily Farm, in Moncure. When I learned in June that this year would be the last it was open to the public, I made my plans.

The Durham County Master Gardeners arranged a field trip on which I planned to go, but a family issue necessitated a change of plans. The MGVs cleaned Massey almost flat out of his crinums, which were what I had been longing for in particular. I managed to obtain a few. My plans were radically altered not only by the MGVs plantlust, but by the very fat prices Massey charges for the crinums.

I don’t grudge him a nickel. The plants were absolutely tremendous and two of mine bloomed this year after I planted them.

I came home with a carload of plants, the list of which is not at my fingertips. But here are a few of the lovelies I brought home:

Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’

Hemerocallis ‘Prince Redbird’


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