Hope spring’s eternal

This weather has been incredible. It is the first day of spring, but we only had about a week of winter. It has been spring since mid-January. The high today was about 80; it is raining now, late at night, refreshing the plants, cleaning off the pollen, and making things cozy as I prepare to fall asleep.

The prolonged warm weather has exacerbated the drought, and my county is now in moderate drought status. All the foliage emerging early is helping to siphon what little moisture there is out of the ground. I must remember to water this week from my rain barrels, even though we we have had light rainfall all week. Roses especially need deep watering.



Today my Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ burst into bloom. I am glad I purchased those back at Thanksgiving. They are perfectly charming!

Also blooming are my Stylophorums, celandine poppies. My Solomon’s seals, both species and variegated, are emerging, and my Iris ‘Eco Easter’ are starting to bud.


The Eco Easters have really begun to run, which I am pleased to see. I hope to have a sea of pale blue in the blue-and-yellow garden this spring.


The daffodils have peaked and need deadheading. I must remember to mark which types are which so I can move them around appropriately. In the past, they didn’t come into full bloom until the last week of March.


Hope spring is lovely where you are.


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