Daily surprise

Glorious weather continues. Big rain last night and 80 degree temperatures meant hostas ‘June’ and ‘Hadspen Blue’

and the crinums broke through their mulch beds for the first time this year.

The gardenia at the end of the bed closest to the witch hazel was looking sickly, so I fed it, the bergenias, the perennials in the hot border, and everything in the trillium bed with Osmocote. (I tend to prefer Garden-Tone, but do not have any right now.) I know this is premature given our typical last frost date is mid-April. But I really don’t see any frost happening between now and then. And I have plenty of old sheets in the shed if spring changes her mind.

I had completely forgotten about the Eranthis hyemalis I planted last fall. I think I’m going to fall in love with these. They look rather Seussian, don’t you think?


Biggest surprise? My beloved Trillium luteums are emerging!


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