If thine tree offends thee…

I was feeling a bit frisky this morning, so I cut down a tree.

fallen tree closeup

I don’t recommend this as a gardening task. For one thing, it’s tiring. For another, it’s easy to do a great deal of damage if you aren’t very careful. If you have any doubt about whether the tree’s too tall for you to manage, it is. Just call a reliable arborist (which I intend to do, soon, to do some canopy thinning, and to grind down the stump).

This tree, though, was in the back (southeastern) corner of my property, was only about 6 inches in diameter, and perhaps 30 feet tall. I had plenty of space to bring it down, and if I may say so, I did it rather well: about 1 foot to the right of the new lilac and a foot to the left of the viburnum in the white garden. That kind of success doesn’t often happen, so I am taking the rare chance to crow about it.

fallen tree length 2

Now that the tree is gone, I will have a bit more sunlight for the white garden and for the pink-purple-yellow beds that are about a year underway. (I’ve got to come up with better names for these spaces, haven’t I?)


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