(Probably not) My first mistake

While I’m sure it’s not the first mistake I’ve made in this project, this is the first one I’ve discovered.

I thought I was planting a short iris at the edge of the patio, but I think I’ve actually (mis)planted my Hosta ‘June.’

hosta june with dicentra

Photo of Hosta ‘June’ with Dicentra, by jacki-dee via Creative Commons. http://www.flickr.com/photos/werms/5802818911/ 

The iris and hosta were planted close to one another near one of the Osmanthus, and when I dug it up all I could see was its fuzzy little scalp crowning the large root ball. They look quite similar to me at this stage (dormant, crusty nothing). I haven’t yet come up with a satisfactory system for marking my plants–I like the metal markers fine, except that they sometimes come off their pins as I am raking leaves in the fall, and in the winter there’s not enough growth in the garden to keep the area from looking like a miniature graveyard full of little metal headstones.

‘June’ will roast if in fact it is where I think I’ve put it, but I am going to wait until it emerges before I move it again. In the meanwhile, I’ll take any suggestions you have for discreet, attractive plant markers.


5 thoughts on “(Probably not) My first mistake

  1. Mine may not be very discreet but they are natural and of the area, and that is important to my garden work here. I want as much as possible for the gardens to feel “indigenous” to this place. I use smooth stones from the beach in front of the gardens here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA. I write a number or letter on the stone and have a reference book where I write its description. Looks nice, stays clean, thought during the Winter I have dozens of numbers staring me back as I look out into the gardens – but that’s OK by me. Jack

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