Garden log, 5.23.13

Another downpour last night. The blossoms of the peonies and roses have taken a beating and I need to deadhead like mad. Weeds everywhere have grown to a formidable height and seem to multiply like Mogwai. Rain garden looks terrific. Not sure if the rosemary is going to make it in its temporary bed; may need to take cuttings and start some new plants. Rose campion blossoming everywhere, both red and white. Finally got oregano transplanted and ‘Emma Hamilton’ rose potted up with better drainage; Emma isn’t looking too spry but perhaps she will pull through with some healthy doses of worm compost tea. Not that she needs a drink. Backyard smells like heaven from lush honeysuckle on neighbor’s fence. Tiger lily bloomed this morning.


3 thoughts on “Garden log, 5.23.13

  1. The rain is probably welcome, and new roses will come….. peonies…. well that’s part of their allure, the fact they’re so opulent yet so fleeting. I can almost smell the honeysuckle!

    • Having lived through the summer of 2007, when it did not rain literally for months while temperatures soared into the high 90s and 100s, I am always grateful for rain (assuming it doesn’t flood, of course). And apart from being rather tattered from last night, the roses overall have never looked better. A good trim and they’ll be back, you’re right. I am a bit more glum about the peonies; this is the first year that they’ve performed well for me, and I had hoped to enjoy them a bit. Henry Mitchell, actually, used to muse on how the weather would invariably turn to mush whatever was outdoing itself in the garden–but rather than having an attitude of grousing, he seemed to encourage his readers to take it all in stride; that if we didn’t want to face the vagaries of weather we should find a new hobby. I think I shall go find one of those columns and get a good dose of advice.

      I hope I didn’t come across as a whiner; I am keeping the garden log posts because I am usually neglectful when it comes to keeping track of what happens when. If it now doesn’t rain for weeks, I can look back and find that last glorious bit of precip. 🙂

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