Post-Andrea: Rain garden resilience

Garden update: Bring your own snorkel.

Tropical Storm Andrea blew through last Friday, dumping just over 5 inches of rain on us. The typical June rainfall for our area is 3.4 inches. It rained yesterday and again today; I don’t know how much.

High water in the rain garden during Tropical Storm Andrea

I took these photos of the rain garden during a break in between downpours.

Rain garden processing its 5 inches of  rainfall on Friday.

andrea 3

If we get any more rain, my plants will be forced to learn to swim.


3 thoughts on “Post-Andrea: Rain garden resilience

  1. Your rain garden in wonderful. I created a rain water runoff garden area in our yard that has done well. Unfortunately the reeds have done too well, overtaking the area, and threatening to choke out some of the plants like the spiderwort and blue flag iris. Seeing your rain garden has reminded me it is time to finish digging out most, if not all, of the reeds.

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