Backyard Blooms: Plants in flower this week

I’m taking a break this week, but here’s what’s blooming in my garden right now:

red Asiatic lily variety unknown

I acquired this from a large sack of bulbs at a big-box store. They turned out to be mislabeled as to their color. It’s a mostly-happy accident; while the color isn’t quite right for the bed in which it is planted, I know another place in the garden where it will look fantastic.

Asiatic Lilies vs. Oriental Lilies: The Basics

Asiatic lilies differ from Oriental lilies by their bloom time, height, and by their petals. Asiatic lilies have smooth edges to their petals, while Oriental lilies have slightly ruffled edges to theirs. Oriental lilies generally grow to more than 3 feet high in the garden, while Asiatic lilies are shorter. And Asiatic lilies tend to bloom earlier than Oriental lilies.

I’m still learning about differences in lilies and I hope to spend some time this summer learning different ways to propagate them. One can never have too many lilies, I think.


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