Garden log, 6.13.13

Blazing hot and sunny weather until 5 pm, then a thunder shower. This is the summertime weather I remember from childhood. The daylilies are blooming spectacularly.

I dug up a 3-gallon bucket of daffodil bulbs from the south side of the house. They will be in the way of heavy machinery whenever work begins on the house addition, and our builder, David, tells me we must do some regrading on that side of the house to correct an emerging drainage problem. Either the bulldozer will move the bulbs or I must.

Dug up and potted the Hydrangea quercifolia that has been looking so forlorn this spring. My theory is that its water-to-sun ratio is dreadfully out of whack this super-soggy season. It has mostly defoliated itself but the wood is still green. I pruned back hard and put the pot on the deck near the potted fig. Lots of baby figs on the tree; I hope they hang in there.

Transplanted more coreopsis and Campanula persicifolia from the winter sowing project. I hope to get everything transplanted before it is time to gather seed for next year’s sowing. I am getting there, but very slowly. Collected some seed pods from Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’ to see if I can grow those from seed. I understand I should not expect flowers from such plants for at least four years, but it will be a fun experiment if I remember not to throw out what will look for a long time like a forgotten pan of dirt. Imagination is such an essential companion to gardening.

High, 92.


2 thoughts on “Garden log, 6.13.13

  1. You’ve been busy considering the temperature, I only wish my enthusiasm could keep up with the temperature like that!
    I have lilies growing from seed sown last winter, I’m in for a wait too but like you said imagination (and I guess patience) is an essential part of gardening. In my head they’re all grown out and just a big patch of color!

  2. Yes, you have been busy! Interesting to read about your Hydrangea quercifolia. I planted one this spring and it’s not looking very strong. I thought maybe it isn’t getting enough sun. Your daylilies are ahead of mine–maybe another day or two.

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