Deer: They always find us.

I had a good run of things, but last night, the deer found me. I walked out this morning to find all the lovely, fat buds on my daylilies munched halfway down, leaving sad, wet little stubs. They also did an effective pruning job on one of my roses.

I do have some Plantskydd in the shed, so I guess it’s time to break it out and see if it works as promised. It had better; it cost enough.



7 thoughts on “Deer: They always find us.

      • I am surrounded by by fences and dogs. For some explainable reason I have been lucky. I have seen deer walking down our street in the middle of the day. So any advice I have it is stuff I have not tried and only heard. Quite a few people I know do use fencing to keep the deer out.

  1. That’s a shame. I’m expecting them shortly when the garden phlox start blooming, but was actually hoping that with all the rain there would be enough for them to eat without visiting the gardens.

    • There’s plenty to eat, but why have bologna when you can eat steak? I have a superstore of weeds, ivy, and other undesirable greenery, but they go for the gourmet morsels.

      Ah, well. It will all grow back. Henry Mitchell used to point out that gardeners do their thing in spite of constant heartbreak: if it’s not deer, it’s rabbits, or Japanese beetles, or a mighty summer hailstorm, or an early frost, or a late frost…

      Maybe I’m perverse, but such episodes remind me to stay in the moment, savor the ephemeral, and make peace with my small place in the world. 🙂

  2. I don’t get deer but the bunnies have been feasting on my garden. Grrr….! I put up homemade bunny fences that seem to be working so far. They need to go eat my neighbors yard. 🙂

    • Bunnies have made themselves comfortable in my garden this year as well. They have the advantage of being small, fuzzy, cute, and lacking in ticks (as far as I know). My garden seems to be making a slow recovery (fingers crossed)….perhaps the deer thought they’d cleaned me out and moved on. I hope so!

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