The upside of downpours: Rain lilies

I have long wanted to grow rain lilies, Habranthus and Zephyranthes. So, inspired by the five-month-long deluge we’ve experienced, when I went to Big Bloomers Flower Farm a few weeks ago I picked up a couple.

Habranthus, rain lily

These charmers, which bloom after a rain, offer huge blossoms on top of wiry stems.  When the blossoms fade, their grassy leaves remain. They are reported to naturalize well; I certainly hope so.


4 thoughts on “The upside of downpours: Rain lilies

  1. I’ve seen those as bulbs but have never seen them blooming. Very pretty! I had no idea roof iris would take dry shade. I have more and more dry shade every year. Grr…. I will definitely add those to my Fall Planting List. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  2. Nice flower! Is this one of the new ones? Also did you get several of the same or different types?
    I’ll add this to the list of cool things you grow but I can’t 🙂 that’s what happens when you live up in the frigid north!

    • This is one of the new ones–part of the 3 flats’ worth of plants I bought but wasn’t prepared to plant. I did get these in the ground quickly; I wanted something very good to come of all this rain! I have mislaid the tag that tells me the specific epithet of this plant, but it will turn up eventually.

      I may have rain lilies, but cheer up: You must have better success with peonies. The heat here, or rather the lack of chilling hours, makes it challenging to find success with peonies. They have to be very carefully selected. Or tulips, or lilacs—I think I have the one variety that copes with humidity, but it would be lovely to be able to be choosy. Also, I wish I had a fir tree. Too hot for them to thrive here. I could force one to limp along for a while, but it seems terribly cruel.

      Before I wade too deeply into the list of plants I wish I could grow, I suppose I should hearken back to Henry Mitchell’s advice: The gardener should never feel sorry for himself, as someone always longs for what it is he has. “I was sorry because I had no loropetalum, and then I met a man who had no snowdrop.” 😉

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