Garden log, 7.27.13

Tremendous day in the garden. Started by rescuing the azalea and quince that got half-buried by earth moving equipment while I was at the beach. Prepared the actual pathway (laying newspaper mulch, setting stepping stones, etc.) in the pathway garden. Potted up yellow mums, hydrangea, cotinus grown from cuttings. Watered all deck plants. Planted about 2 dozen of what I think and hope are bulbs of blackberry lilies.

Moved some of the raspberry-colored Monarda from the side yard to the blue slope. Did a bit of organizing in the shed, a bit of repair on the kids’ playhouse, and some moving of bricks and landscape timbers from here to there. Threw away half a yard waste can’s worth of assorted roots unearthed last week. Fed the chlorotic azalea a small cup of sulfur per its soil test recommendations, plus a top dressing of blood meal for dessert. Pulled about 15 gallons of weeds (this is quick work when the weeds are as large as mine), spread an equal amount of compost in hungry spots in various beds, and cut back the foliage of the white bearded iris.

I think I shall sleep well.


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