swallowtail 1

There’s lots going on here. But these folks made me slow down for a few minutes. I’m glad I found them.

swallowtail profile DSC_0076



8 thoughts on “Swallowtails

  1. I’m very jealous. I have parsley, fennel, and dill – but no caterpillars. Which do you find to be the best for attracting the black swallowtails to lay eggs? Great pics of the tiger swallowtails also.

  2. Great pictures, and always good to stop for a deep breath. We’re getting a lot of black swallowtail caterpillars the last few weeks, only just saw a yellow swallowtail yesterday…

  3. I always grow fennel for the caterpillars but this year my fennel was overshadowed by another plant and didn’t grow. I grow rue (ruta) for them, too. It’s actually one of my favorite plants. I love its blue-ish foliage. Great butterfly shots. 🙂

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