Slow slide into fall

This week, temperatures are hitting the 80s. Perhaps a last hit of summer before fall finally settles in?


The chrysanthemums, ever dependable, are beginning to bloom.


5 thoughts on “Slow slide into fall

  1. I have big chrysanthemum plans for next spring! For some reason I feel this need to add all kinds of hardy fancy types. Do you think it’s just part of the season? My leftovers from falls gone past are also just coming into bloom. They’re the slow end to that slide.

    • Isn’t it interesting how gardeners develop urgent plant needs? I am nursing about four at the moment–or perhaps four dozen. What specific chrysanthemums are you considering (make it four dozen and one…)? I do think that as the seasons begin to transition, we crave whatever plants thrive in the season to come. It is much more exciting to look forward with anticipation than to watch the decline, however temporary, of the plants we have watched for months already.

      • You’re absolutely right, my fickle passions switch from one to the next. Today chrysanthemums, tomorrow tulips! I was on the Faribault website, and their novelty mums from the U of Minnesota should be hardy enough for me (not a problem for you I bet). I’m tempted by all the unique flower forms…. and the colors too! We’ll see if this lasts into the spring ordering season 🙂

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