Dear Belmont Rooster,

Dear Belmont Rooster,

Thank you very much for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I’m delighted to get to meet (however virtually) so many fun and engaging people with interests similar to mine. And I’m very pleased that you enjoy reading my blog.

So who are my nominees? In no particular order:

  1. pbmGarden
  2. sorta like suburbia
  3. Garden in a City
  4. Toronto Gardens
  5. My Tiny Plot
  6. Homemade With Mess
  7. Casa Mariposa
  8. The Patient Gardener’s Weblog
  9. Clay and Limestone
  10. Veg Plotting
  11. The Harmonious Garden
  12. The Scottish Country Garden
  13. Kitchen Ventures
  14. Serious Bacon
  15. What’s That When It’s at Home?

All of these blogs have inspired me at different times with their photography, their insights, their humor, or their creativity. Go by and visit them; it’s time well spent.



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