Black (gold?) Friday

It has been said not infrequently (and with ample cause) that only in America do people line up to trample one another for bargains the day after giving thanks for what they already have.

I couldn’t be dragged to the shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving if you hitched me up to a tractor. But the occasion of Black Friday did get me wondering: What would be the horticultural equivalent of a doorbuster deal? Can you conceive of a gardening bargain that might make you get out in the frosty air with a sleeping bag and camp out next to the nursery’s door?

Magnolia stellata: Buy one, get one free?

Compost: Free while supplies last; bring your own shovel?

Conifers, 90% off?

What’s your gardening bargain fantasy?


1 thought on “Black (gold?) Friday

  1. My favorite local nursery used to have an end of season, 75% off sale on their closing weekend. Two friends and myself would meet up for breakfast and then be there for the opening of the gates! It was fun and exciting and there was an actual rush by some people, in general I think gardeners who can wait for a seed to grow are too thoughtful and patient to trample and rush….. At least that’s my own biased view 😉
    That said I’m sure I would line up for a potted snowdrop sale!

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