Wordless Wednesday: Spring blooms

grape hyacinth


Primula elatior

Anemone blanda


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spring blooms

  1. The colors on that primrose speak for themselves! Is it an outdoor plant? It looks so flawless, more like it hasn’t had to deal with the troubles of bad weather!

    • It is outdoors and is allegedly perennial, although it’s new to the garden. How could I resist, when I saw that luscious color? My eyes have been hungry for this all winter.

      By the way, I have still not seen the slightest leaf on my cyclamen that I sowed. Should I give up on these? Thoughts? It’s getting quite warm here…

      • They probably won’t sprout until fall 😦 keep them out of the way and water them when you think of it and hope for the best. I’ve been keeping quite on mine, they looked as if they were sprouting but then all of them stopped and promptly died. I’m hoping a few leftover seeds come up this fall….

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