Garden log, 4.14.14

After four or five days near 80 degrees (26C), everything in the garden has exploded. The daffodils, which like a long, cool spring, expired in the pseudosummer of last week. Pollen rains down constantly and blows in great clouds, like photos from the Dust Bowl, except yellowish green. The weather report calls for lots of rain tomorrow, and perhaps a freeze tomorrow night. I must dig out the plastic sheeting to protect the tomatoes I spent last week planting.

But iris season is coming. My first blossom of ‘Eco Easter’ appeared today. Flora Weather, I hope yours are just as pretty! Enjoy them.

Iris 'Eco Easter'


4 thoughts on “Garden log, 4.14.14

  1. Thank you! They have not yet started to bloom. The weather here has been crazy. Tonight they are calling for a freeze and during the weekend it was 80. As you say everything all the plants seem to have exploded. I cannot wait for them to bloom, I love the freckles. I hope your tomatoes make it okay! Thank you again!

  2. Sounds horrible with everything going by so fast and the pollen apocalypse…. we’re back to cool weather here too but also had that amazing warm spell.

  3. My tomatoes are still in the house. We hit 29 Tuesday night. Sheesh! I planted iris reticualta 2 years ago but don’t have any flowers and the foliage that came up last fall is very badly freeze-burned. But I did plant a chunk of iris tectorum in dry shade on your suggestion and they survived. 🙂

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