Surprise strawberry harvest

The best kinds of strawberries are those you don’t have to put any effort into.

strawberry harvest

I love growing small fruits, but strawberries need a lot of space to run. I added “build a strawberry tower and cover” to the ever-lengthening to-do list, but it’s not happening this year.

Strawberries should be replaced every few years, as they lose their vigor over time. I have a few very old plants growing in pots and here and there around the garden–some fragments uprooted by squirrels, probably, and moved to slightly odd places. I gave them no attention this year. But one container rewarded me anyway. Here’s my small harvest from this morning; just enough to add to some yogurt for breakfast.

Happy Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Surprise strawberry harvest

  1. You have strawberries already? How wonderful. Ours won’ t be ready for weeks. The first strawberries of the season, all warm from the sun are such a treat.

    • Hi, Chloris.
      Yes, it’s the height of strawberry season here. Spring only lasts about three weeks nowadays, and now we’re into early summer. Today’s temperature is 91 (32.7C). As I picked another handful of strawberries last night, the juice from one especially tender berry dribbled over my hand, and the aroma made me want to pop the entire handful into my mouth, like popcorn. They were so tender they could barely stand up to rinsing. Heavenly!

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