Dear Friend and Gardener: June 6, 2014

Dear Friend and Gardener,

Just a quick postcard to tell you I’ve started harvesting my green beans. The peas continue against all expectations. Nasturtiums and squash blooming consistently now. The ground cherries grow exponentially and the fruits are charming, hanging below the massive leaves like little lanterns. Should I prune the suckers, as with tomatoes?

I’m planting a second round of beans for late-summer harvest and have started a few more paste tomatoes for late summer as well. Going to try a shade trick I learned from Ira Wallace at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and hope it helps keep the plants going through the hottest weather. I’ll send pictures when I’ve set it up. I’m late in harvesting my garlic, but still got a reasonable showing. It was my first season growing garlic and I learned a lot about what it takes to get a good yield (tip #1: Don’t misplace the growing guide that tells you about the optimal harvest time). Next year I expect better results.

calendula bud

Look at this nice fat calendula bud! I watch it every day for signs of progress. If I’ve timed things just right, it’ll bloom the day after I leave to go to the beach.

Hope your garden is giving you as much joy as mine is!





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