Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: June 2014

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of each month. I’m a little bit behind.

It’s starting to get hot, but the yarrow, daylilies, helianthus, and salvias shrug it off.

summer border daylilies yarrow iris tiger lilies

Lilium tigrinum, Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’ and ‘Prince Redbird,’ Iris sibirica ‘Caesar’s Brother’ and Achillea filipendulina ‘Cloth of Gold’ embrace the heat

In a shadier section of the garden, Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Royal’ has found an attractive companion in rose campion, Lychnis coronaria.

Hemerocallis 'Chicago Royal' and rose campion (Lychnis coronaria).

Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Royal’ and rose campion (Lychnis coronaria).

Fat gardenia buds unfurl overnight and release their rich perfume during the day.

gardenia bloom

And the deer visit. The area of the garden just beyond the gardenia hedge has been decimated: daylilies, lilacs, and hostas have been nibbled to sad little stalks. I need to spray the deer repellant, but it’s rained at night lately. I need to find a solution to make it stick for a week or so. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: June 2014

  1. I have used Liquid Fence, but it is no longer working – deer nibbling on sunflower seedlings and I live in fear they will find the okra seedlings. Thinking of trying a fishing line fence…

  2. I love your header. Your lilies and daylilies look like July flowers here. Oh dear the summer is racing on.
    Awful to have deer ruining your garden . I have heard that lion poo is good at keeping them away but I have no idea where you would get that from. I don’ t know anyone who keeps lions.

    • The summer is racing on, you are right! I expect it to slow down in the coming weeks, at which point the temperatures and humidity will loll about in the intolerable range for the next three months.

      Hmm. The closest zoo, unfortunately, is more than an hour away and I don’t fancy hauling lion poo down the highway at top speed, especially in 97 degree heat! (Though it might stop people tailgating me!) But there is a closer facility that might have available the scat of slightly less frightening animals, that still might be identified as predators to deer (bear, wolves, etc.). Will investigate.

  3. love the daylily and campion photo!
    Sorry to hear about the deer, if you find anything out on the fishing line please post. Rabbits have found my garden and I’m in the same boat as far as damages go. I was so pleased with the broccoli and now it just makes me sad every time I walk by. I’m sure I’m raising hearty bunny babies but the broccoli was MY baby…

    • You have my sympathies. I’m sure the bunnies are to blame for various chewed items in my garden, but so far they haven’t gotten into my veg. I’m sure if (when) they do, they won’t be as adorable as I think they are.

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