Garden log, 6.19.14

Let the whining commence: It’s SO hot outside. It’s just disgusting. I went out at 7:30 this morning to extend the drip irrigation to the transplanted fig tree. After half an hour I couldn’t stand myself. High of 96, 42% humidity, feels like 101. At least the gardenias love it.

I feel torn about the garden this time of year. The perennial beds need mulching again, as any shredded leaves I put down earlier in the spring have thinned out. But even early in the morning, I can only move three wheelbarrows’ worth of shredded bark before fatigue sets in. Heat exhaustion is real and comes on quickly.

This time of year I start looking for small garden projects I can do indoors–things that can be accomplished in the laundry room or elsewhere in the house where a little dirt can easily be cleaned up. Do you have projects you tend to when the weather becomes too much?


6 thoughts on “Garden log, 6.19.14

  1. Nothing’s worse than a mulch pile that never seems to dwindle….. the only thing I can think of as worse is not having any mulch at all! I ran out and I’m paying the weeding price.
    When it gets hot I give up and trust the drip irrigation to take care of things. In the evenings I’ll venture out, but the gnats and mosquitos are there to join me, and I just don’t enjoy their company.
    Water gardening? I wouldn’t mind a nice big pond/pool with a few lilies and fish 😉

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