Dear Friend and Gardener: August 15, 2014

Dear Friend and Gardener,

Looking out the window this week at all the mud and mess in the garden, I fell into a bit of a funk. But a little something came in the mail today:

seed packet delivery


And now I’m feeling a little brighter.

Are you planning your fall garden? Planting your fall garden? What will you be growing?


2 thoughts on “Dear Friend and Gardener: August 15, 2014

  1. I’m thinking about my fall garden. With all the travel, I’ve fallen behind. I need to get some lettuce seeds started indoors to transplant out later. Love your selection of seeds. Isn’t Southern Exposure Seed Exchange the coolest?

    • Southern Exposure is indeed the coolest! They have the most interesting array of varieties, and since they’re not terribly far from me I have real confidence when they say a particular variety does well for them, that I’ll be successful with it too. And congratulations on your award at GWA’14!

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