Brief intermission

It’s been a really busy week here, in large measure to the impending arrival of this little guy:


His name’s Henry. He’s 9 months old, and he came with the name.

It’s just like having a human toddler in the house again. He’s delightful and sweet, but requires a lot of monitoring just now.

I just got my soil test results back, so I hope to post soon about how those came out and how to mix your own fertilizer blends. You know, just in time to put the garden to bed for the winter. Or maybe I’ll review one of Henry Mitchell’s essays about hounds in the garden. They apparently have an innate sense as to on which plant you’d like them most not to sit.

A new adventure awaits!



7 thoughts on “Brief intermission

  1. He’s adorable! Because of two Lakeland Terriers and two Havanese, my garden has some holes but I’d rather have the holes and the four dogs than no holes and no dogs.

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