Garden log, 2.9.15

Nothing glamorous today. Shredded leaves for about 2 hours to adhere to my self-imposed promise to shred last year’s leaves before this year’s emerge. I’m cutting it very close. Fed the leatherleaf viburnums, witch hazel, roses with soybean meal. It will release slowly as the weather warms, so I’m not terribly concerned about chilly temperatures forecast for later in the week.

Spent a good chunk of time Sunday thinning out the Lavandula angustifolia and sprinkling lime on the pinks. Planted two seedling palms, names unknown, in the front near the road to try to do something for curb appeal. I’m tired of feeling depressed as I approach the house; this year is the year to finally get off the duff and do something about it.

Overjoyed to see the witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) in bloom.

witch hazel branch 2

witch hazel flower


4 thoughts on “Garden log, 2.9.15

  1. Well you are really getting on. I have never heard of soybean meal; you have vegetarian plants then. My plants are getting a boost with bonemeal.
    It is such a joy when the lovely witch hazel flowers unravel.

    • Soybean meal is typically used as livestock feed–particularly for pigs, I think. But it is a superb natural fertilizer, with an analysis of something like 7-2-1. I have used bonemeal in the past but I need to find sources with low phosphorus and potash; my soil tests as having plenty of those nutrients, and any more will hinder uptake of other nutrients.

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