Garden log, 4.3.15

I spent the entire gorgeous, sunny, high-70s afternoon in the garden. Moved 2 small Mahonias, planted 2 leather leaf viburnums. Cut back Panicum ‘Dallas Blues’ and fed roses with slow-release organic fertilizer. Trillium luteum started emerging; short, fat buds sitting on top of the soil. Blueberries are flowering; I mulched them with old boughs of last year’s Christmas tree, which so far has discouraged the squirrels from digging at their ankles. 

Planted Clematis texensis ‘Princess Diana’ and Salvia x involucrata ‘Mulberry Jam,’  Iris unguicularis (2), and Callirhoe involucrata. Larkspur seedlings starting to emerge in the backyard garden. Poppies are taking longer but I haven’t given up hope. 

Peony foliage emerged yesterday, and fronds of Christmas fern (Polystichum aristochoides) unroll slowly upward every day. 

The violets are in bloom. They may be weedy but I adore them. I will always have them in my garden.


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