Thanksgiving reading list

Since I don’t have enough to do, I picked up a few titles at the library:

reading list

I love garden writing, and love discovering new authors to read. The book atop the pile, Writing the Garden by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, surveys a wide variety of garden authors, organizing them by approach (teachers, correspondents, philosophers, and so on).  Allen Lacy came well recommended from multiple sources, so I picked up a few of his books, including some coauthored with Nancy Goodwin of Montrose. A Rock Garden in the South by Elizabeth Lawrence is in the pile–her writing is delightful, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s tailor-made for my area. Finally, I grabbed a fascinating book on bulbs by Janis Ruksans (how do I add those diacritical marks?) that describes his adventures, including some run-ins with the KGB, sourcing and growing bulbs from behind the iron curtain.

Wishing a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all my US-based friends—


Just in time for the spring thaw: a gardening reading list

I added a new page to the blog today. Good reads (with a space) will list my favorite gardening books, both inspirational and practical. I’ll update the list from time to time but you can also see my recommendations on Goodreads.

Hope you find something to help you through these last days of winter!