Thanksgiving reading list

Since I don’t have enough to do, I picked up a few titles at the library:

reading list

I love garden writing, and love discovering new authors to read. The book atop the pile, Writing the Garden by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, surveys a wide variety of garden authors, organizing them by approach (teachers, correspondents, philosophers, and so on).  Allen Lacy came well recommended from multiple sources, so I picked up a few of his books, including some coauthored with Nancy Goodwin of Montrose. A Rock Garden in the South by Elizabeth Lawrence is in the pile–her writing is delightful, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s tailor-made for my area. Finally, I grabbed a fascinating book on bulbs by Janis Ruksans (how do I add those diacritical marks?) that describes his adventures, including some run-ins with the KGB, sourcing and growing bulbs from behind the iron curtain.

Wishing a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all my US-based friends—