Deer: They always find us.

I had a good run of things, but last night, the deer found me. I walked out this morning to find all the lovely, fat buds on my daylilies munched halfway down, leaving sad, wet little stubs. They also did an effective pruning job on one of my roses.

I do have some Plantskydd in the shed, so I guess it’s time to break it out and see if it works as promised. It had better; it cost enough.


Garden log, 6.18.13

The hot border looks as good this week as it ever has. Daylilies ‘Grand Opera,’ ‘Prince Redbird,’ and ‘Ferris Wheel’ are all in bloom, as is the unidentified yellow one I got as a pass-along. Tall golden yarrow and purple Iris sibirica ‘Caesar’s Brother’ lend balance in both form and color.

hot border in flower hot border in bloom, with hemerocallis 'grand opera,' 'prince redbird' 'ferris wheel', golden yarrow, and iris sibirica 'caesar's brother' in flower. Monarda didyma (bee balm) is budding and I also have my first clear blue flowers of borage blossoming this week. The blue of the borage really doesn’t fit the color scheme of the border but I love it, I love the bees it attracts, and right now it’s short so it doesn’t stand out terribly (can you spot it in the photo?). Plus, as Ann Lovejoy once told Paul James, “Martha‘s not coming over. Okay? She’s not. Grow what you like.”  [Unless, of course, you’re Margaret Roach. Then she might come over. But Margaret can handle it.]

I noticed as I cruised the garden this morning, coffee in hand, that I have inadvertently selected daylilies that all have yellow throats. I have at least 10 separate varieties with yellow throats. At least, I suppose, I am consistent.

Hemerocallis 'Prince Redbird' (daylily)

Hemerocallis ‘Prince Redbird’ (daylily)

Busted a little bit of non-sod over the weekend in the white garden. Transplanted Shasta daisies from a very crowded container, as well as some seedlings of white cleome and a  Penstemon species from my winter sowing adventure. Only 31 containers of seedlings left to plant.

winter sowing seedlings not yet planted

I knew this would happen, but I did it anyway.

High 83, absurdly heavy rain in early evening.

Garden log, 6.13.13

Blazing hot and sunny weather until 5 pm, then a thunder shower. This is the summertime weather I remember from childhood. The daylilies are blooming spectacularly.

I dug up a 3-gallon bucket of daffodil bulbs from the south side of the house. They will be in the way of heavy machinery whenever work begins on the house addition, and our builder, David, tells me we must do some regrading on that side of the house to correct an emerging drainage problem. Either the bulldozer will move the bulbs or I must.

Dug up and potted the Hydrangea quercifolia that has been looking so forlorn this spring. My theory is that its water-to-sun ratio is dreadfully out of whack this super-soggy season. It has mostly defoliated itself but the wood is still green. I pruned back hard and put the pot on the deck near the potted fig. Lots of baby figs on the tree; I hope they hang in there.

Transplanted more coreopsis and Campanula persicifolia from the winter sowing project. I hope to get everything transplanted before it is time to gather seed for next year’s sowing. I am getting there, but very slowly. Collected some seed pods from Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’ to see if I can grow those from seed. I understand I should not expect flowers from such plants for at least four years, but it will be a fun experiment if I remember not to throw out what will look for a long time like a forgotten pan of dirt. Imagination is such an essential companion to gardening.

High, 92.

Garden log 5.30.13


A terribly busy work week, and thus not much time spent in the garden.

ladybug on salviaLadybugs still everywhere; I must have lots for them to eat. On a quick stroll through this morning, I saw two rabbits. I should be annoyed by their presence, but when the damage isn’t obvious they’re too cute to be annoying. Have also been trying to make mental notes on various bird calls to identify, but the fellows all talk at once; it’s very tricky to hear anything individually. My daylilies ‘Chicago Royal,’ ‘Prince Redbird’ and ‘Grand Opera’ are nearly ready to open. Oriental lilies also ready to open, assuming they’re not nipped overnight by deer. The Phlomis bloom is mostly spent; I wonder if it will rebloom? Rose campion blooming everywhere. Need to transplant a Phormium to the blue slope garden; it’s not getting enough sun where it is. Clematis jackmanii bloomed today for the first time.

Clematis jackmaniiSaw my first butterfly of the season, Papilio troilus, Spicebush Swallowtail, I think. Also spotted first dragonfly of the year (very brown, unremarkable). Nice, toasty 88 degrees. No wind.