Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’



Hemerocallis 'Grand Opera'

Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’

Hemerocallis are edible, but could you bear to pick it?

Backyard Blooms: Plants in flower this week

I’m taking a little break this week, but I’ll post a daily photo of what’s growing well in my garden.

Today, it’s Hemerocallis ‘Prince Redbird.’ This daylily is about 18-24″ tall and a relatively early bloomer in my Zone 7 garden.

daylily prince redbird 3

Garden log, 6.4.13


What’s Blooming Today?

Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’ bloomed this morning.

Hemerocallis 'Grand Opera' ('Grand Opera' daylily)

I adore the clear red color of this flower. It’s not muddied at all by hints of blue. It’s a short plant, perhaps 24 inches tall, and sits in the front of my south-side “hot” border. It pairs well with my tiger lilies and gold yarrow.

gold yarrow Achillea sp.

tiger lily lilium tigrinum

I still have perhaps two dozen small pots of seedlings remaining from my winter sowing project that I keenly want to get into the garden. I hope I may have time this evening to sneak into the garden and get them planted.