Garden log, 6.18.13

The hot border looks as good this week as it ever has. Daylilies ‘Grand Opera,’ ‘Prince Redbird,’ and ‘Ferris Wheel’ are all in bloom, as is the unidentified yellow one I got as a pass-along. Tall golden yarrow and purple Iris sibirica ‘Caesar’s Brother’ lend balance in both form and color.

hot border in flower hot border in bloom, with hemerocallis 'grand opera,' 'prince redbird' 'ferris wheel', golden yarrow, and iris sibirica 'caesar's brother' in flower. Monarda didyma (bee balm) is budding and I also have my first clear blue flowers of borage blossoming this week. The blue of the borage really doesn’t fit the color scheme of the border but I love it, I love the bees it attracts, and right now it’s short so it doesn’t stand out terribly (can you spot it in the photo?). Plus, as Ann Lovejoy once told Paul James, “Martha‘s not coming over. Okay? She’s not. Grow what you like.”  [Unless, of course, you’re Margaret Roach. Then she might come over. But Margaret can handle it.]

I noticed as I cruised the garden this morning, coffee in hand, that I have inadvertently selected daylilies that all have yellow throats. I have at least 10 separate varieties with yellow throats. At least, I suppose, I am consistent.

Hemerocallis 'Prince Redbird' (daylily)

Hemerocallis ‘Prince Redbird’ (daylily)

Busted a little bit of non-sod over the weekend in the white garden. Transplanted Shasta daisies from a very crowded container, as well as some seedlings of white cleome and a  Penstemon species from my winter sowing adventure. Only 31 containers of seedlings left to plant.

winter sowing seedlings not yet planted

I knew this would happen, but I did it anyway.

High 83, absurdly heavy rain in early evening.