Peony ‘Festiva Maxima’

This lovely thing bloomed yesterday. There are many more deliciously fat buds on the plant, all the size of golf balls. Barring a hailstorm–which, this being spring, is not beyond question–I should enjoy some splendid blooms in the next week or so.

Paeonia 'Festiva Maxima'

Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’

Garden log, 5.24.13


Finally, sun. It’s going to be chilly tonight, in the mid-40s. Still have seedlings to get into the ground, pruning and deadheading to do. A few peonies survived the pounding rain the other night. They opened this morning.


Is this peony ‘Festiva Maxima’? I’ve lost the tag.

It’s going to be a gorgeous holiday weekend.