I am always a bit sad when iris season passes. They’re some of my favorite flowers, and as they decline I think, “What is it that I look forward to next?” I become so obsessed with the iris that I simply forget.

Fortunately, all the rain this year combined with relatively mild temperatures has given plenty to remind me:

generous gardener 2


gertrude jekyll

spider and peony

phlomis daylily bud tiger lily bud



After three or four years of doing diddly squat, it appears my Phlomis russeliana is about to bloom.

phlomis bud

Every day, it has grown taller and taller.

phlomis 2

I understand from friends that grow this plant that it will take its time settling into place, but once it does, it tends to bloom faithfully. Like many fuzzy-leaved plants, it requires little water but a lot of sun. The foliage rosette is evergreen for me in US Zone 7.