Picture postcard

I came so close to getting a photo of a hummingbird visiting my bee balm today. But of course, he was too fast for me. I waited and waited, but he didn’t come back while I was there. Perhaps I’ll catch him again, or when the salvias are in full bloom.

summery border



Backyard blooms: Plants in flower this week

crocosmia and yarrow

It’s July, truly. The temperature isn’t as hot as it usually is, but the humidity is making well up for it. I’m glad I can rely on tough plants like Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and yarrow (Achillea) ‘Cloth of Gold’ to keep things looking lively when I’m feeling precisely the opposite.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

Hope you are enjoying your gardening season, wherever you are.

Garden log, 6.4.13


What’s Blooming Today?

Hemerocallis ‘Grand Opera’ bloomed this morning.

Hemerocallis 'Grand Opera' ('Grand Opera' daylily)

I adore the clear red color of this flower. It’s not muddied at all by hints of blue. It’s a short plant, perhaps 24 inches tall, and sits in the front of my south-side “hot” border. It pairs well with my tiger lilies and gold yarrow.

gold yarrow Achillea sp.

tiger lily lilium tigrinum

I still have perhaps two dozen small pots of seedlings remaining from my winter sowing project that I keenly want to get into the garden. I hope I may have time this evening to sneak into the garden and get them planted.