Back to reality


I’ve returned from two incredible, back-to-back holidays and must now, like it or not, confront the weed farm and mosquito hatchery that has become my garden. Tackling such tasks can be daunting. The prospect of all I must do nearly defeats me before I begin. As with any project, the only way to tackle it is little bit by little bit. “Bird by Bird,” as Anne Lamott says.



Garden log, 1.17.14


I went outside to vent the cold frame this morning, and discovered that a villainous squirrel found his way into the cold frame yesterday and dug up and discarded all but two of the lettuce seedlings I had planted in a new salad bowl garden, thus setting my salad consumption back by about eight weeks. Must dig out the bird netting a bit earlier than usual, I see.

Pre-freeze postscript


I’m new to the finer points of this companion planting business. It was only after I hurriedly stuck the garlic cloves into the container with the snap peas that I read that garlic and onions apparently have a negative effect on the growth of peas.

I think I’ll keep them there; those peas weren’t doing that well anyway, and may be finished after tonight.