More winter sowing

Part of the adventure of winter sowing is not knowing precisely what you’ll get. I mentioned I sowed some Digitalis, but I don’t know what species. Also included in the package and sown last night are

The Papaver s. Danebrog and the stinging nettles were seeds I had left over and thought to give them a try with this technique. We’ll see what happens. I’ve never had much luck with poppies but their flowers are irresistible to me, so I’ll keep trying. As for the nettles, I’m not crazy. They make an excellent fertilizer if you cut them and let them steep in water for a few weeks. Just wear gloves. It is said that it is possible to touch them without getting stung, but that has not been my experience.  I grow mine in a container (as I will with the soapwort mentioned in my previous post) to keep them from traveling.


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