Must-have plants, 2015

I’m always reading about fabulous plants and finding myself seized by a longing to acquire them. It’s a very common sensation amongst gardeners; I’m sure you can relate. I tear the photo out of the magazine or newspaper or scribble down the details on a sticky note, then promptly misplace it in the dreadful stack of papers on my desk (cluttered desk…orderly mind, right?).

Had I learned to keep a proper garden journal, my landscape might be exquisite by now. But here is a grand place to keep my list, and with any luck, perhaps you also may find a plant without which life will lack meaning. Or at least a possible option for that tricky spot where nothing else seems to work.

If you have a must-grow plant, feel free to share details here!


2 thoughts on “Must-have plants, 2015

  1. Most of these plants I’m not familiar with, although I’d like to have a stand of phacelia and culver’s root, too. Actually, I’d like to have a lot of these. 🙂 I just ordered some roof iris for another shady section of my garden that I redesiged based on your recommendation earlier in the summer. I’m really excited about them. All of the plants from my garden that you like can be found at Lazy S’s Farm Nursery. They should grow really well for you. 🙂

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