Dear Bittster,

Dear Bittster,

You are one generous gardener. When you emailed to say you’d added a little surprise to the box, I figured on a few extra seeds. Imagine my delight when I opened the box and found real, live cyclamen plants!

surprise cyclamen plants

Three little cyclamen!

Thank you so much for sharing your carefully tended plants with me. Cyclamen are precious; my neighbor across the street, who is otherwise very generous with her own garden plants, has said on more than one occasion “You can have anything but my cyclamen.”

The leaf patterns are delightful. I popped the plants into the ground immediately, just off the deck where I can see them from the kitchen. I know I’ll enjoy them all winter long.

cyclamen hederifolium planted

Many thanks for your generosity. Can I offer you some hellebores or Convallaria majalis in return?

Best regards,



1 thought on “Dear Bittster,

  1. I’m so glad you like them! It will take a year or two before you get your own blooms, I hope this speeds things up 🙂
    Plus I know you have cloister lawn plans that include cyclamen, so what better time than now to get the plants started? They should be close to established by the time construction is all wrapped up. Enjoy!

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