Garden log, 6.4.14

Picked the first green beans of the year on Sunday, June 1. I can’t believe I’m still harvesting peas. ‘Cascadia’ seem to be doing very well. Tomatoes and physalis fruits coming along. My first ‘Arkansas Little Leaf’ pickling cucumber is ready to harvest! Will it hold on until I have more, or can I make just one pickle?

'Arkansas Little Leaf' pickling cucumber

‘Arkansas Little Leaf’ pickling cucumber

First squash flower (male), first nasturtium flower today.

First nasturtium flower. They taste peppery. Try one.

First nasturtium flower. They taste peppery. Try one.


7 thoughts on “Garden log, 6.4.14

  1. I would very much like to grow some nasturtiums in my pots. I wonder if it is too late to plant seeds. Perhaps if you made just the one pickle you could then bronze and mount it, like baby’s shoe.

    • I say plant the nasturtiums; you have at least two months ahead of you to enjoy the spicy blossoms. As for the pickle, I think it’s worthy of bronzing and mounting–have you ever seen a more perfectly shaped and sized pre-pickle?–but I think I might rather eat my pickle than have it. If you’re ever down in Hyde Park, stop in at the Co-op and get their pickle recipe for me? 🙂

    • How big is the container? If the plant is not specifically a smaller (dwarf/bush/patio-type) variety, get a BIG container. Around here, individual zucchini plants grow to be 3-5 feet tall and wide. Your local county extension agency can tell you what to expect with local conditions.

      Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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