Icy, but not on the rocks

Last night’s snow turned to ice overnight, but fortunately, we only acquired about a quarter-inch. Enough to make everything look heavenly; not enough to cause major problems. Apart from one snapped pine tree in the neighbor’s yard, we’ve come through without incident.

If you should have a buildup of ice and snow on your garden plants, particularly on evergreens, don’t try to swat it off with a broom or shovel. You’ll only break the brittle branches or stems and have a poor-looking plant come springtime. Instead, wait until it thaws. It won’t be too long.

ice grass

icy balloons

Two icy balloons caught in the neighbor’s tree

icy grass

Ice on Joe Pye weed, Eutrochium purpureum

Ice on Joe Pye weed, Eutrochium purpureum

icy pine

icy stickerball

Two early-morning sledders

Two early-morning sledders


4 thoughts on “Icy, but not on the rocks

    • Thanks! Yes, I think we danced right up to the edge of danger. We kept power but my sister, who lives about 40 miles east of me, did not. My neighbor lost a small pine but it didn’t injure anyone or anything. Everyone I know stayed off the roads and avoided accidents. But I’m well familiar with the whip-cracking sound of tall pines snapping under the weight of ice.

      55 degrees today and constant warming through next week. I hope we’re done with the winter storm mess; my kids need to get back to school!

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